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Determination, passion, and unwavering stamina set the tone for the commencement of the 2024 season for the Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team, notably for the outstanding duo, Samuele Porro and Fabian Rabensteiner. The Italian pair clinched victory at the Andalucia Bike Race, concluding a week marked by their consistent presence at the forefront—attacking strategically and adeptly defending their lead when required.

Spanning from Bedmar to Cordoba, weaving through Jaén and Adamuz, Porro and Rabensteiner navigated six fruitful days. Their triumph not only secured one of the most sought-after and prestigious stage races in the Marathon category but also underscored the success of their winter preparations.

Securing victory in the second stage, the Wilier-Vittoria team adeptly shadowed their rivals, seamlessly managing their lead in the final time trial in Cordoba. "It has been an extraordinary week. We approached it without specific expectations, given it was the inaugural race of the season. Yet, from the outset, I felt a strong rhythm, and our performance was impeccable," shared Rabensteiner, celebrating his third victory in Andalusia following successes in 2020 and 2023.

"Samuele and I collaborated effectively, demonstrating strategic acumen. With this synergy, I am confident we can excel at the upcoming Cape Epic.”

For Porro, this marked his inaugural victory in the Andalucia Bike Race.

"Embarking on the season with such a vicotry instills morale and conviction for the challenges that lie ahead," remarked the Como-native. "I enjoyed every moment and extend my gratitude to Fabian, our sponsors, and the dedicated support staff who bolstered us throughout these days. While it's just the beginning, I can’t wait for the next races."

Adding to the jubilation is Daniel Geismayr, who, alongside Jakob Dorigoni, secured a commendable 5th place overall.

"It was a rewarding week, ideal for refining my form in preparation for the Cape Epic," expressed the Austrian cyclist. "Every facet unfolded according to plan, and personally, I am already in good condition. A noteworthy positive is the reliability of our equipment, coupled with unwavering support from our team. And now let’s keep pushing!"

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