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Updated: Mar 27

The successes of the past couple of years have only strengthened the partnership between the Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team and Miche. This collaboration, born in Italy, is set to continue in the coming years with even bigger goals in sight.


The Michelin family has been part of Italy's rich cycling heritage for a century now. Starting with bicycles back in 1919 and later venturing into motorcycles and bike components, Miche has become a household name in the cycling world.

Today, they're known for crafting top-quality components for road, track, mountain biking, and e-bikes from their base in San Vendemiano, Treviso. With a strong focus on innovation and reliability, Miche has earned its place at the forefront of cycling across all its forms.

Specifically, Miche supports Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team with their top-notch K1 EVO mountain bike wheel, developed hand in hand with the team for competitive events, and the K6 for training with e-light bikes. On the road, Avondetto, Specia, and the rest of the crew rely on the new Kleos RD, the cream of the crop in road cycling gear.

Apart from supplying various components, Miche also delivers lightweight thru axles and seatpost collars crafted from ergal material, all aimed at enhancing the general performance.

Every Miche component undergoes meticulous production and assembly in San Vendemiano to ensure top-notch quality and reliability. With a keen eye on detail and strict quality control processes, each piece proudly carries the "Made in Italy" mark of excellence. Even the athletes of the Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team have jumped onboard and seen impressive results.

"Miche has long been a fixture at the most prestigious international cycling events," noted Miche's CEO, Luigi Michelin. "In recent years, our partnership with the mountain bike team has yielded impressive results both in Italy and abroad, boosting Miche's reputation in off-road cycling. Our expertise in crafting bike components perfectly aligns with the team's ethos, allowing us to create better products together. Thanks to the input from Wilier-Vittoria's athletes, we've developed the K1 EVO wheels, which have already clinched victories in races like the Under 23 Cross Country World Championship with Simone Avondetto. It's only natural that we continue this journey together and take on new challenges."

"We've achieved significant milestones with Miche over the past two years, and we're thrilled to continue this journey," added Marco Trentin, General Manager of the Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team. "Their reputation in the cycling world adds immense value to our team, alongside other leading brands. Miche's ability to develop high-performance products in collaboration with us and their responsiveness to race demands make them an indispensable partner."

For more information about Miche, visit their new website at

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