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The Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team jersey shone brightly at the Danish National Championships. In Roskilde, Sofie Heby Pedersen claimed victory in the elite women's races for both XCO and XCC, while her brother Gustav triumphed in the U23 men's XCO event.

Sofie Heby Pedersen Danish Champion XCO XCC

Both wins are reaffirmations of their previous successes. Sofie had already become the national XCO champion last year, despite being in the U23 category, and Gustav, in his first year, had immediately secured a victory among the U23s. Sofie dominated her XCO race, finishing nearly three minutes ahead of Caroline Bohé, whom she also defeated in the short track. Gustav, on the other hand, outpaced Mikkel Lose after an intense head-to-head battle.

“It was a great weekend,” Sofie admitted. “I felt really good in training, so I decided to start strong, set my pace, and maintain it to the end. I gained a small lead over Bohé and managed to extend it continuously. I’m feeling really great; week by week, I notice my legs getting better, which gives me a lot of confidence for future races. I just need to keep following this path.”

Gustav Heby Pedersen XCO U23 Danish Champion

“From the beginning, I felt good, but in the first few laps, I adopted a conservative strategy to avoid mistakes,” Gustav explained. “I didn’t want to push too hard initially. Then the race heated up, and competing alongside the elite riders made it very exciting. I managed to create a small gap over Lose and maintained it until the end. Unfortunately, in the XCC, a couple of crashes prevented me from competing for the title.”

Gustav Heby Pedersen

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