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THE NEW PEYOTE: unparalleled performance in fine loose conditions

Updated: Apr 22

With modern XC courses getting both faster and more technical, tire performance requirements have never been more demanding. Producing tires which are not only tougher but also faster, is a tall order, but one which Vittoria has achieved in both the new Peyote and proven Mezcal treads. The Peyote is intended for hardpack to fine loose terrain, for the dedicated racer seeking the ultimate edge. Telemetry results placed Peyote fastest in class, and up to 4% faster than the closest Brand-A competitor, while field testing showed unparalleled agility and real-world speed without compromise.

“When designing the Peyote, simply going fast wasn’t the goal. Instead, we viewed success as the reduction of time from point-A to point-B, taking speed, grip, control, dependability, and rider fatigue into account.” said Ken Avery, SVP Product Development.

Wilier Vittoria Peyote

The Peyote’s revolutionary new tread pattern is positioned between Terreno and Mezcal, delivering increased speed and grip thanks to a low-profile alternating center ribbon. The familiar Vittoria v-formation used in the Peyote allows the tire to dig through loose terrain to find traction while evacuating debris laterally. The alternating mid-tread tapers up to capable cornering tread, providing responsive handling and a predictable feel. These traits work to boost cornering performance by placing effective edges directly opposing the path of cornering forces, regardless of lean or cornering angles. To complement the new Peyote, the World Championship-proven Mezcal also sees a new 2.4 size option using Vittoria’s new XC Race Formulation and technology.

New Race Formulation

Both the new Peyote and Mezcal XC Race are built using the new XC Race Formulation and have been torture tested at the UCI elite levels. The Race Formulation employs Graphene and Silica, providing increased wet grip and suppleness, and combines a 60TPI tubeless ready casing to optimize deformation. This combination has been shown to reduce rider fatigue while simultaneously increasing race-day reliability.

"Vittoria is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation," said Vanessa ten Hoff, Chief Innovation Officer at Vittoria. “The new XC Race formulation is just another example of how Vittoria is thinking outside the box to benefit real riders the best performance possible in every scenario.”

The new casing, new compound, and new size addition of Mezcal shows a 3% improvement in rolling performance on its own, while the new Peyote Tread shows 6% improvement in total when combined with this new casing and compound. When applied to a real-world scenario, this means that a Peyote rider in a typical XC race scenario will gain ~.75 km/hr. of average speed over the course of the race. These benefits are in addition to an 11% increase in grip (especially in wet), and durability of the new casing without impacting dependability.

Wilier Vittoria is using the new Peyote tyres in the UCI MTB World Cup,

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