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Everyone is heading to Nové Město! And by everyone, we mean the entire XCO and XCM squads, debuting in the World Cup in the Czech Republic. The small Czech town is ready to host the complete Wilier-Vittoria MTB Factory Team for the first time this year during the weekend of May 24-26.

Simone Avondetto Wilier Vittoria

Nové Město is one of the most anticipated events of the year, known for its enthusiastic crowd and a fast, spectacular course featuring short, steep climbs and technical descents. The race is set amidst dense forests, making it one of the most iconic on the calendar.

Following their double debut in Brazil, the XCO riders will compete in the third of eight rounds of the UCI MTB World Series. In the elite races, the new European champion Simone Avondetto, looking to continue his winning streak with his new continental champion jersey, will be joined by Cameron Orr, Giada Specia, and Sofie Heby Pedersen. The U23 category will see Gustav Heby Pedersen, Elian Paccagnella, and Ginia Lara Caluori giving their all.

Wilier Vittoria

However, Nové Město will also feature the Marathon event, with the Wilier-Vittoria team aiming for a standout performance. The lineup includes Fabian Rabensteiner, the reigning World Cup champion fresh from a victory at the Riva del Garda Bike Marathon, alongside Samuele Porro and Daniel Geismayr, promising an exciting race. The marathon will cover a total of 123 kilometers on a challenging circuit to be completed twice.

This year's World Cup Marathon calendar includes only three events, adding extra incentive to perform well from the start.

“We are coming off a series of excellent results, and the morale is high,” said Marco Trentin, General Manager of Wilier-Vittoria. “We can’t wait to see Simone racing in the European Champion’s Jersey. It will be a great pride for the entire team. As for the Marathon, Fabian will start Sunday as the winner of the 2023 edition. I have a lot of confidence in the guys.”

Avondetto will ride a special Wilier Urta MAX SRL, featuring a bright blue livery designed by Wilier-Triestina to celebrate his recent triumph in Romania. As the first Italian athlete to become elite European champion, he certainly deserves a special bike.

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